I Don't Understand Today's Arts

This is what I have noticed so far. Teenagers. Me being in one heck of a teenage world. One main purpose: Trying to figure out who we are and what we're going to be. Some call that Art. Everything is Art. In the Malay culture, this is what I'm seeing so far.

Singer/ Songwriters in a band: Pffttt. Ok lah. You got talent and I don't. But you're doing it for the wrong purpose. Wannabes. Just because you see this people at Gigs, or mana-mana lah for that fact. It's suppose to be about the music and music is a part of Art dude. You're trashing it's image and for that, no respects shall be made for you. You're just one of them fallen stars.

Graphic-eology: You call Photoshop, InDesign, and so on Art? Alamakkk. Maybe I'm the one who's left out. There's too many of you out there doing the same thing. Art comes in many forms. Art is unique. But then, what you all do is simply the same to me. And I don't call that Art. I call it a trend. Sorry.

Writers/ Bloggers: Ini pun dah jadi trend. No, I'm not saying that you shouldn't write. I am encouraging you to. But please don't do it halfway. It's sort of offensive to me. Wannabe writers nowadays writes about two things: What went on in their day and to show off some part of their lives. It's fine actually but don't do it for the sake of following in other people's footsteps and then quit halfway. OK?

I am entitled to my own opinion. Have an open mind. You can disagree or agree with me. I am not judging you. You are entitled to yours as I am to mine. Gracias.

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Diana Ibrahim said...

mr bean!
alahai jgn marah i ann..
suka suka saje ;D

eyh eyh
i hope i'm not one of the writers yg tinggalkan blog separuh jalan. lol

im praying very hard nih not to.
help me help me!
eyh balik campus ahad lah. :P
cepat cepat