Dread-Locks Malacca

Balik kejap lagi. Haihhhhhhhhh. Can't do anything about it anymore. Malas nyeeeee. I think I'll just stop obsessing about dreading on going back to Malacca. It's not the end of the world right? I just HATE any first classes where we have to introduce ourselves (like the whole class needs to know that for the THIRD time right), I hate presentations, I hate speaking in front of class, I hate being called to answer questions, I hate expectations, I hate sweating on the way to class, I hate wearing long sleeved shirts and long pants EVERYDAY. I guess that's about it. I can tolerate other things. Oh yes. PPKP. WTF man. I hate it! Lalalalalalala. Who came up with that programme is a ******* idiot. I'm having raging hormons right now. Emo sikit.

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