Current Location: COM264 Class

I'm currently addicted to shoes and bags right now. Actually, I have always been. But sekarang membuak-buak perasaan nak beli banyak-banyak kasut dengan beg. Pfftt. Ayah must be going balder. I'm starting my budgeting next month. My skills of Mathematics tak boleh pakai at this month. Cacat terus. I'm not trying to waste their money. But then, beli apa yang mampu, sekaranglah masanya.

I had an unexpected surprise of achieving Dean's List last semester. 3.69. Alhamdulillah eventhough sometimes I think I don't deserve it because other people worked harder than I did. But I did try my best. I'm trying to work really hard this semester to maintain my GPA. Tapi macam mana nak maintain pointer when the lecturer is talking in front while I'm blogging at the back? I'll figure out a way. Teehee.

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