As Cliche As It Is: Girl Power!

Truth out? This is what some girls would do for their 'boyfriends'. I've been analysing this since I know some of my 'friends' are being pressured by 'love'. To be honest, I can never understand love. It's simply overrated. That's why, I rarely talk about it. There's no topic about it to be discussed. It's pointless. Well, back to the real main point. We're living in the 21st century. There is no need to bow down to your boyfriend's desires. Believe that you're strong girl. Say 'NO' when you're pushed to do things you don't want to do. There is no need to buy him expensive stuff, give up your virginity just for the sake of keeping him in your grasp. Idiot. Don't you ever think that your Man is an angel baby. They hardly ever are. So don't go kissing their feet and worshipping them. Because you never know what kind of bad things they say about you behind your back. Oh and yes. You're begging him to stay with you because he took your virginity? You're the fool and tool. Not him. Who asked you to give it to him in the first place, Barbie.


adlynn :) said...

true that sista yaw!

psychokiddo said...

laaaa add nie,, i pon baru nak cakap TRUE THAT SISYA YAW! :D