Ada Orang Memang Camtu

Sometimes we encounter with absolutely annoying people whom acts stupid on purpose. Melayu tipikal. Cakap keling. Tu mix namanya. Malay people kan friggin adore people with mix blood. Nahh. I know more than a dozen handful of people yang mix nih.

These sort of people just knows how to blame other people. For instance, they themselves don't have the inisiative to make an effort to complete a task, later on sarcastically or angrily tell other people why in the world that they were not included in the activity. Gila bodoh kau ni nak harapkan orang lain. Pekak badak.

The cliche question of the 21st century, which is your priority? Your partner (gf/bf) or your friends? Semua mesti jawab friends kan? Bohong lah semua tu weyy. Recall back everything associated with this and you will come to realize that you will put your 'love' partner first. Like for instance, I know this one dude. He's a friend. Konon-konon cakap, 'We should be friends, close friends.' Haktuihh. Dapat girlfriend, terus lupa apa maksud kawan. If she bannes you from befriending me, cakap jelah. you don't have to say hurtful things to make me despise you.

Melayu kolot kan? Some are OK. But not everybody. Pretending to say that you're ugly, stupid, uncool just to garner my sympathy, It's not going to work mann. Instead that statement sangat kolot faham? Never in my life aku memilih kawan, and then you came and assume idiotic things to me. Kaulah babi, babi.

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