Woi Lakhanat,

Sorry for the bad language. It's not directed to all of you, it's just directed to some of the people I knew who hurt someone who is guilty of being herself and being abandoned by the scene of which she is living in. By that means, campus.

Woi babi, do all of you realize what you all did was fucking childish? Even if she did something wrong or annoyed you in a way she didn't realize herself doing it, grab her and sit her down. Talk to her. She is not a bloody animal for goodness sake. She can understand you perfectly. Hell, she is smarter than the lot of you combined. Selfish, arrogant, blind son of a bitch the lot of you are. Berlagak pandai, kaya, stylo tapi perangai macam lenbu buat apa? Inhumane you are, yes. Yo assholes, wake up! Tell me what the fuck did she do to make you all behave like animals? She's childish, sensitive? So what! She never did anything bad or punishable to all of you. And if she did 'pissed you off', tell her so that she can adjust her attitude to your liking. But to me, asking her to be other than who she already is is a crime. Look in the mirror and tell me who you see. Yourself? Or a monster trying to punish God's innocent humble servant by banishing her from your sight and refusing to befriend her. You're playing with the wrong person, dickheads.

Girl, you know that me, Ili, Ara, Add, D and Anis will always have your back. Those animals aren't worth your time. Leave them be. Let other people see for who they truly are. Assholes on animals. Biakan je k? If they try messing things up again, stand and be strong. We will always be by your side sayang. Like your boobs, we will always be there. As for your 'bestfriend', you message dia and just say, Fuck You Bitch. Don't show her your weakness. You are having fun, and you deserve to smile. God bless sayang ku Bihah.


si adlynn :) said...

bihah, we got your back
love love love :)

psychokiddo said...

OUh ouh! True That Sista Yaww!
like i sed to bha,
sape kuang ajaq ngan mak kite, ade lagi 6 ninja bleyh blasah! :D