Under Golden Sheets

Got back from Pangkor, tidurrrrrrrrr memanjang. Haha. Oh well. Went to Pangkor on Monday and got back on Wednesday evening. I wasn't actually tired but weather pun mengundang suruh tidur. He-he. Reached KL at exactly 6.40pm on Wednesday where the original plan was supposingly Aizat came and pick me up. Well, it didn't happen because Ayah called me up and told me that there was nobody to watch over Zaheen as he had dinner that night. Surprise, surprise. His dinner tak jadi. Around 10.45pm, Aizat came and pick me and Hazim up and off we went to Danau Kota's 'uptown'. He-he. And guess what? I bought 2 pyjama bottoms for only RM10 and it's so friggin adorable! Planning to buy 1 each for the girls but nanti lah.

So, reached home later on at 2.30am, tidur sampai terlepas subuh, Aizat called and we went for breakfast at 8.30am, got back home at 10.15am slept again till 1.20pm, fried some nuggets, sausages and wedges for Zaheen's lunch (I can't cook real food that's why) and slept again till 6pm. I don't think I would have woken up if Ayah hadn't called and told us that we were picking up Mak at KL Sentral. Waited for Mak, had dinner and got back home again at 9.30 ish pm. Watched a little bit of television and off I went to bed. Again. Mannnn. I think I just lost my breath telling you what a busy day I had yesterday. Not! Hahahaha. Oh well. Add and Ili must be pissed off. Obviously nak gambarlah tu. Sabar ye dik. Been busy

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psychokiddo said...

been busy as in "been" your name busy ? or been as in had been busy ? HAHAHAHA :D
yeah rite! busy tidok,, ahahaha..
saye amat kesabaran. ngee.