Headlight Disco

Yes. Had a really, really good week. Or should I say, 'We're gonna have a good day!' (lyrics from The Click Five). Goshhhhh. Kyle Patrick sangatttt hottttttttttttt! Yes. I like The Click Five. I went to their Prom Party last year and their promo concert in Genting last Saturday. And you bet I am going to go to next year's concert (kalau ada lahh). What can be more better than hanging out with your own family, getting good unexpected results, hanging out at the arcade with Zaheen and my boyfriend, celebrating your beloved girlfriend's birthday with the whole lot of them (yes girls, I miss you bloody much oke!) and getting free tickets to your favourite international band, The Click Five! Ohh life is gooooooooooooood!

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si adlynn :) said...

gile cool weyh gmba u n mak n ayah kick kick tue
n btw,
daniel pun pergy????
*drools kejap*
hahaha :p