This Is When KP Comes In Handy

Ever felt that everything is against you? Everything you do just doesn't seem satisfying and it's not what others are expecting? Well, that's how I feel now. Alas, my emo switch is back on. Hate it when that happens. So here goes. The series begins:

Boston seems like a really good place right about now. Where is my passport and credit card when I need it? I'll just pack up my Mp3, some underwear, my camera, a pair of swimsuits and an extra top inside my backpack and off I go. I'll just go alone. It's fun taking risks. Go on an adventure by myself. I won't be gone long. Just enough to let everything in my life here breathe. Right now, I feel so defenseless. I have no one to blame it on. So I'm just letting it be as it is. Some people might care about my dissapearance, some might not.

I have been trying to change. I have been compressing my anger so that I won't piss anyone off. But somehow it just doesn't work for me. I can only hold it oh for how long aja. Bottled it up too much results me geting curled up in bed and weep under the sheets. If I keep quiet, everyone else will be happy. That's the way I want it to be. Beautifully composed.

I can't go to Boston now (fuck), so to keep me happy, I'll just end up sitting in front of the laptop and listen to the drums beaten by KP, watch silly dance moves and listen to soothing sounds from my one and only. Who needs boyfriends or any other people for that matter. Am only looking forward to some lesbian action with girlfriends on the beach on Monday. Lesbo, attack!

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