Panau timbul lagi dekat muka. Haihhh. I really need to see a doctor. Risau. It started after a few days of my last rugby training. At first I though it was nothing. And then it started to spread bit by bit. Memanglah lama-lama burukkan. Eeeei. I think I've OD'd on Nixoderm. Blegh. There goes gorgeosimo.

Semester break is going to be over soon enough. And I soooo don't want to go back there. I love my holidays. I really, really do. Waaaaa. New semester, new classes, same old me. Boringggg. New resolution I made up today: Save RM10 per day. RM10 x 3 years= RM10,950. Minta tolong Ayah simpankanlah tapi. When the money's in my pocket, you can bet it won't be there anymore after 5mins of having it. Normal lah kan? Somehow, I don't think it's enough for my expenses in Boston nanti. Eeeeikk. Stop, stop!

Pangkor with friends is in 5 days and counting. Jangan tak jadi sudeyy. Seriously can't wait! Although I'm a bit dissapointed because the people we made plans with in the first place such as Ara, Bihah, Anis, D, Iqmal and Nizam is not coming. Instead, orang lain yang ganti their spot. It's fine actually. I don't mind. Just wished that everybody was there. Including AizatBoo. IMYSFDM baby.

I had a very tiring day today. My wrist and fingers are sore from typing away Ayah's assignment, dissapointed that I couldn't find Karly and Kyle- Rush on Limewire, haven't taken evening naps for days now, and currently munching away Famous Amos's chocolate cookies. Other than that, everything else seems fine. Have no other feelings left in me right now. Only dissapointment, missing my boyfriend and obssesiveness. ^#&^%#^@! K. Dah. Tadaaa. I'm lame. That's why you love me.

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