Peanut Butter and Jelly Baby

Been busy for the past few days. Thank god. If not, all I would be doing is stalk KP on YouTube or anywhere else on the internet. Ha-ha. It's my passion mannn. Deal with it. I just got back from Great Eastern and lunch with Ayah at Kg. Baru. Lama tak makan nasiiiii. Everyday fastfood, fastfood, fastfood. Hampeh. Had a really busy morning. Mak's furniture that she bought in Bali just arrived. So all the leftover packaging wrappers were scattered around the house. Being the good daughter that I am, I cleaned it up without being told. Weehee. My right fingers are sore. It always happens to me when I sweep. Oh yahh. Not to mention blisters as well. Maybe pegang penyapu salah kot? Oh well.

Did I mention that I have not bowled before? What I mean is that never in my life have I ever played bowling before not till 2 days ago that is. Ayah's MPAT held sort of a family day event so the parents had to enter a bowling competition. Anak-anak bersepah ar. I went to shop a little bit with Asfira and then head back to the bowling alley. Decided, hey, why not try it, right? So I did. And guess what. I suck at it! Hahahaha! Down the gutter goes my ball. To be frank, I don't care! It was fun! Hahahaha. Seriously man. I didn't even hit 1 pin at all. Weeeheee. I'm bloody proud of myself for trying though. Had late night dinner at Naili's Ampang later on. There's a lot going on actually that I have yet to tell. But I'm too tired now. My new Glamour magazine dengan bantal busuk dah panggil. Later lah k?

P.S: Tried to find Welch's grape flavoured jelly at Great Eastern. There were none. I wanted to do a peanut butter and jelly sandwich like Kyle did at Charleston. Haha. Tapi sebenarnya tak suka peanut butter pun.

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psychokiddo said...

tapi DEMI KP, anbeen sanggup makan peanut butter.