Pancake On The Lips

This love isn't forever. It's permanent.

Dear Pancake,
Since too many people now uses the nickname 'Boo', I'll just call you my dear flat little pancake. Hahaha. You're just too thin love. But, hey. I love you for it. I'm sorry I couldn't spend a lot of time with you during this semester break. Boleh guna jari kaki jek berapa kali jumpa. Well, with no servant at home, makes it kind of hard for me to leave the house without anyone looking over Zaheen. You understand my situation kan? Hear this: There is no need to test my love for you. Because I will always ace that test. I won't leave you alone in the dark. Just give me your hand and I'll lead you the way even when you're blindfolded and walking in flippers. If you jump of a building, I'll...

Well, I won't jump with you but I will call the ambulance and finish up my money to buy matresses for you to land without having you crack your skull. Mmwa. Love you.

1 comment:

si adlynn :) said...

tertinggal 'kire'
ohh mannn
perlu ke taruk pic kapel sweet mweet ni?
jeles tau?