One Step At A Time, Ass

Here comes my confession. I have been thinking of 'not wanting to further my studies' for almost 3 days now. I know, I know. 'Anbreennnnnn! Gila ke nak berhenti belajar?'. It's not like I'm serious lah weyy. Aduii. It was just a hunch. I'm not that stupid, durr. I know what I have to do to make sure that I'm still on the right track towards my future. But for now, I just want to travel. Not just for shopping or sightseeing but like really, really experience other nation's cultures and see what the world has to offer such a little, insignificant person like myself. I've been to a quarter/half of the United States and some parts of Asia but I was still young back then. All I know then was, 'Mak! Nak pergi Disneyland!', 'Mak! Colorful lah that place!'. Pfftt.

Everybody says they want to travel and 'I love travelling' has already become a cliche statement. But when it comes to me, it's what I really want. Period. I want to wake up in a foreign country that makes me feel like I'm dreaming eventhough I'm awake. Get what I mean? I love getting on flights eventhough sometimes when I'm in it, I think I was going to die. I love stepping on foreign grounds under strange skies. Even when the wind blows, you'll feel all different. You'll cherish every single moment of anything that crosses your path. How people act and react might seem fascinating to you. Everywhere you go, it's just breathtaking. Every rock, every grass has a history behind it. Getting to know and touch it, makes you feel more human and humble. It's an adventure you know. That feel of adrenaline rushing up to your brain makes you go insanely beautiful. Dah, dah. Now memang rasa macam nak quit studying. Hell.

Oh yes. Who knows that maybe one day I'll be getting my coffee up in Atlanta/Boston, Kyle Patrick would accidentally bump into me and spill coffee all over my blouse and apologises frantically. Thus insisting me out to lunch and we'll talk about the world and we'll live happily ever after. Oh mannnn. Help?


psychokiddo said...

lorgh. nak jugak selitkan kyle kyle dia.. grr.

si adlynn :) said...

tau tapeee
mule da sedap da bace
tibe2 last part ade jugak the K word
and btw,
lucky you for being able to travel overseas