No Complaints

Had no idea that I was going to bandcomp today. Haven't been to one of those events before. For a darn good reason. It's sooooooooooo boring. Syamir and Add came by my house and picked me up. Thought we were going for drinks or food first but we straight went to Dataran Merdeka, parked and walked to a nearby McDonalds there. But it was sooo bloody hot there so we moved to Burger King across the street. Ate good food and met Ili there. Later, met a couple of old friends from St. John, took some photos, and sat down at the field where it was actually a bit wet. Peduli apa. Bedal jek. Firdhaus came along, then Add's mom and siblings. Hung out all together like we were all in one really big family. Somehow, we actually are. It feels good you know. We didn't pay much attention to the competition. Anywho, who doesn't like a having a good time, with good friends. It's just a pity that some people just don't appreciate what good company they have. Boo you dude. By the way Add, adik you gila comel weyy. Comel gila dia peluk and cium I. And Amar, adik you pun! Adorable!


HalimBorhan said...

mmg boring pn
tak tgk sgt pn
dpt lepas rindu pn jadi la
kan? kan?
ey, who's the guy in short and black T tuh?

si adlynn :) said...

ingat mamat prasan mane td
ann! IMYA! ngaha :p