Here goes. I lost my phone. How I lost it? Had breakfast at KLCC's foodcourt, went up in a rush to catch my movie, realized I left my phone, went back down, saw the table I sat at was cleaned up and my phone is gone. Tadaa! Terbaikk kan? It's not like me because whenever I get up from my sit or get out from a cab, I would always check if I had left something behind. But yesterday, oh well. Aizat came later on, helped me talk to the food court's supervisor to check their staff for my phone's dissapearance and of course they couldn't find it because some of them had already gone for their breaks before so they might have stashed it somewhere during that time. I'm just sorry that the phone got lost because Aizat gave that phone to me. I loved it and I'm going to miss it. Sorry Boo. I didn't mean to lose it. I'm really, really sorry.

Other than the story of my lost phone, yesterday was pretty fun. I brought Zaheen and Jana to KLCC. Saja bawa budak-budak tengah cuti sekolah jalan-jalan. We went and watch Narnia, planned to go to Petrosains but it was sold out. I promised Zaheen to go to Aquaria but I was lazy to walk there. I'm really sorry I broke my promise Zaheen. I took them for lunch at Teppanyaki where we love the food so much and met up with Aizat and Asfira. We arrived at KLCC at 10.30am ( I know. Bloody early kan. I should still be in bed. But I'll sacrifice anything for my baby brother), did a little bit of shopping, walked around, and I knew that Zaheen was tired because I checked my watch and it was already 6 something ish. Zaheen mesti dah penat. Dahlah tak buat apa yang dia nak, lagilah dia buat muka. I suddenly snapped at Zaheen. I yelled at him because I was annoyed. He cried. I hugged him and say that I was sorry that our plan didn't work out. Man, I am such a bad sister. To make it up to him, I bought him to the DVD store, bought 'The Exorcism of Emily Rose' (Zaheen yang nak ok?) went back, showered, called pizza delivery, and all 3 of us watched the movie, and I slept not even halfway through the movie. Ha-ha. Kesian Zaheen. Again. Dia nak tengok cerita hantu tapi dia takut. We'll watch today ok Zaheen.

As for my phone, earlier on, I went to Maxis to get a replacement sim card. Got home and took Mak's extra phone. The Samsung slide phone's keypad was stuck and it keeps shutting off itself. Godd. Oh well. It's better than nothing. It's just for emergencies. I barely touch my phone pun. So, anyone reading this please send me your names and numbers. Taknak pun takpe. Bukan aku message korang pun. It's just for emergencies. Peace. Maybe ni balasan aku tak reply text orang and tak angkat phone call orang kot?


si adlynn :) said...

tak perlu la balas smpai mcm tu pun kut
isk isk
babe, want me to text you with my name? :D

psychokiddo said...

anne anne, mmng slalu pon u tetido time watch movie :P
its like.. SSOOooo AnbEEn :D