Kyle, Kyle, Anne?

Fuuuuhhh. Haven't done my house chores yet. Woke up, brushed my teeth, changed to a little proper attire, went for breakfast with Mak and Zaheen, listened to The Click Five on my Mp3, read the newspaper, saw an article about my cousin's cousin's divorce. Hold on there Abg Beego (can't spill anymore details. Private.), ate roti canai garing dengan gula, went back home, Mr Bean's Holiday was on then switced on the laptop to stalk KP, and now, currently working my ass of trying to get invitations for the MTV Asia Awards. What a beautiful Saturday morning. Teehee. I don'y have any plans for today except for cleaning up my room. Maybe I'll get obsessed with Kyle Patrick again and watch all of TCF's video, webisodes and memorise their lyrics to their songs. My Godd. I am getting more pathetic day by day. Oh well, it's worth it because I have this one particular dream. Can't tell you because it'll either not come true or you'll just lamely laugh at me. And for that, goodbye.

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hingustidaklagimeleleh said...

nak ikut pergi Mtv asia awards
ape i perlu buat?
kat mana this year?