Generally Speaking;

This is me then, now, ever: Family, good results, goooood food, movies, walking around with no particular reason, birthdays, friends that don't run, messy hair, lipbalms, boots, concerts, boyfriend, Mountain Dew (extinct), fun music, Channing Tatum, a clean room, an open window, community service, specs, mascara, beach, torn jeans, painful flats, clean, scented, soft clothes, water, Little Lulu, watches, cereals, DVD's, boxer shorts, Volkswagen, The Click Five, comforters, the environment, bagssssss, Kyle Patrick, robots, hairbands, cheekbones, photography only when I'm in it, DIY notice boards, perfumes, Mary-Kate and Ashley, Mentos sourmix, magazine cut-outs, Zaheen's drawings, family gatherings, outdoors, bad tempered, bookssss, Ed Westwick, sitting with legs crossed on chair, horoscopes, Agyness Deyn, neon coloured nail polish, big boy tees, shoesss, muscular arms, rainy days, candiesss, white roses, rockstars, holidays, getting heated up by the sun, my fringe, Hollywood and Brit fashion, chocolate ice-cream and strawberry sorbet, racerback tops, American history, reality TV shows and who knows what more there is to me.

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QUYA said...

no wonder dat u sgt obses dgn dis mamat named kyle.
because dyer sgt chumeylz!!