Chomp The Box

-YES! They smell absolutely amazing! :D Coz I was interviewing them for a mag, see. And Kyle's top shirt buttons were open, so I was kind of staring at his chest(HAHA!) and Ben kind of looked at me knowingly. He seriously laughed at me about it! HAHAHA. It was embarrassing, kind of, but really funny too. And they're just really amazing. People say Joe's really quiet, but I found that he could be really chatty as long as you talk about the right stuff. :)

-I don't know about that, but he did mention that the special females in his life right now are his mom and sister. Soo.. It could be you! HAHAHA! Wouldn't it be cool if he got a girlfriend while on tour in Asia? She'd be so lucky. :)

Posted on my Myspace from a girl who luckily got herself hugged by Kyle. Ok, ok. Babessss. I am TRYING REALLY HARD TO STOP OBSESSING OK? :D


si adlynn :) said...

ili, lempanggggggggg jum
hahahah :p

psychokiddo said...

go anbeeen go! TRY HARDER TRY!
ye laah. nantih kat tioman, oh pangkor it is now, i'l slap u with much LOVE :D