Can't Go Back To Sleep

I'm the kind of person who wakes up early in the morning and then I'll go back to bed in mid-morning. I decided to check my Myspace account. Opened up my friend request and saw this picture of a girl. She looked exactly like me! I freaked out and texted Add and Aizat. Was guessing that Ili was still sleeping because Ili and I have the same sleeping pattern and we won't wake up till midnoon. As soon as I showed Add the girl's photos, I couldn't go back to sleep. Imagine someone looking exactly like you and I mean EXACTLY! Whoaaaa. In some of her photos she doesn't look exactly lahh memang. And she's skinnier. But mannnnnnn. I showed Amar as well. He asked me, 'You gi gak ke SS? Kata tak gi'. Amarrrrrrrrr. It's not me lah! Ha-ha-ha! He even asked Add, scared that I bluffed him or something. Showed Abg Fareez next. Dia pun tak percaya. Goshhhh. Wait till Ili sees it. Ha-ha-ha! Thought of posting the pictures of her. But I figured it migt be offensive or rude. Pfftt.


si adlynn :) said...

i dont think its rude or offensive
she shud be glad
as u did some publicity service for her free of charge
ngahaha :p

psychokiddo said...