Ayah Dah Tua, Ok?

Am going to stop obsessing over Kyle for 8minutes now and I'm going to talk about Ayah's birthday (still listening to The Click Five in the car). So, we went to Victoria S. for dinner where Ayah had escargot and the mexican chili, Zaheen had the spaghetti and salad, I had the typical steak and Mak had the tiger prawns. I tried the escargot, which is Siput Babi by the way. I tried it and I proudly can say that it tastes good! After dinner, sent Mak and Zaheen home because Mak had to finish up her work and Zaheen had school the next day. So it was only Ayah and I. We went to Pavillion. Ayah did a little bit of light shopping and I only bought JCO as a souvenier from Pavillion. Met Sheila there. Godddd. Lama gila tak jumpa. Ha-ha! Anyways, Ayah's birthday was just a normal celebration. The midnight before, Mak, Zaheen and I wanted to surprise Ayah. Mak bought the cake, Zaheen did a fingerpainting card for Ayah and I only bought a long sleeved Calvin Klein shirt for Ayah (Psstt. It was on sale. Hehe). Mak already told us to lock the door but we forgot. So we ended up busted by him as he came in and caught us. Haha. Oh well. Happy Birthday Ayah. You're 48. Mannn. Old. Hahahaha.


QUYA said...

haha.escargot dyer mengancam seyh..owh2.did u tried the baked oyster?fresh oyster then baked with cheese on top of it.perghhhh.best gile.hahaha.
now anbin.u buat i lpr.sape na btanggungjwb nieyh?haha

si adlynn :) said...

happy sweeeeet 48 uncle aziz! :DD