Anne VS The World?

--Maybe it's because I look like that?

Woke up today feeling very optimistic that everything will turn out fine. Put on my headphones to Karly and Kyle's Rush (Tak dapat download, so I recorded it. Genius kan?). Did a little bit of housekeeping, finished up Ayah's assignment, received money and got ready to meet Ili. So far, my optimism lasted for only 3 hours.

Zaheen got back late thus he's not going for sekolah agama. Means I have to stay home and look after him. Means I have to cancel with Ili, Amar and Hakim. Sorryyyyy guys. Tomorrow lah k? To top it all off, kesian Uncle Chot datang sebab nak hantar pergi kat Putra station then turns out tak jadi. Sia-sia jek dia datang. I felt lousy and friggin guilty mann. Uncle Chot, hope u enjoyed the ice-cream Zaheen gave you. Really, really sorryyy. Anddd, had a squabble with Aizat over some silly misunderstanding. Haihh.

Since I'm stuck at home, I ate nasi goreng ayam infront of the laptop, YM dengan Add, went online to check for any available bus tickets for Monday's trip. Thank God ada. I mean, it's not every day pun people want to go Lumut kan? Turns out the bus ticket is only RM18.80. Ha-ha! Can't wait! I texted Wani, asked if she could come along and she said it sounds fabulous! She's asking her mom so I'm just waiting for the correct answer from her now. Bahaha. One more thing, I really have to ask this. When one opens like 8 tabs in one window, would the system suddenly shut the window up? I mean, it has happened to me like 5 times now because I opened a lot of tabs of KP's videos. I hate waiting for it to pop up one by one so that's what I did. 1 window can buka berapa tabs without having it to shut the whole window up sebenarnya?

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si adlynn :) said...

even lulu lap cant stand your obsession over KP huh?
haha ;p
cheer up!
we're gonna make it no matter what!
mark my words!
see u tomorow :D