Again and Again

Dreams actually hurt more than reality. But it's more fun to think things that's bound to happen or would not. I feel like blogging a whole lot today. Hopefully I'll post dozens and dozens of writings in a day. If I didn't, I have found myself something else better to do. Talking about dreams, here is my definition of it. Dreams=Hardwork+Luck. Betul tak? Think about it. Well, to me it's mostly luck. So now, I'm putting on my Little Miss Lucky shirt just in case what I'm writing about might just come true.

1. Learn surfing in Bali
2. Go to the MTV Asia Awards
3. Be good in playing the piano (again)
4. Travel the world
5. Study in Boston University
6. Get KP to snap up a photo of me and him

That's about it for now. There's no use of listing to many dreams because God might get confused of choosing which dreams that should be granted. Plus, too many dreams makes you an ungrateful son of a bitch. Toodles baby.

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