Sit and Shut Up

You know what, I am damn tired of listening to people telling everybody that they are different or typical or what so not. Well guess what? Nobody cares. They might for a couple of seconds but at the end of the day, people in this world are too bloody selfish to be thinking about others 24/7. You're entitled to be what you want to be. Let them judge you because 86% of people's lives are wasted on judging other people. 24% more, they criticise themselves for being imperfect. So, go on. Go follow the crowd, or be an individualist. Just stay out of other people's problem and they're not going to bother you. Society who judge you for being typical, scream back at them and yell, "Hey asshole! Have you realized that your so called 'individualism' is made up by other people's shit!". And for you who are different and people judge you for being one, stay calm and just say "Fuck off, moron.". I apologize if there are creatures out there who is offended. I am being hypocritical. Because I am a hypocrite. A big one.

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