The Other Sex

I don't know why people want to be friends with me. I'm not even friendly. Well, here's the scoop. Had a deep heart to heart conversation with my girlfriends yesterday. YM bodoh so we had to switch to MSN. Banyak kali invite baru dapat. Pfft. So the story was about: Boys. I am not going to name who but 2 of my girlfriends, Ili and Add have some 'slight' trouble with their boyfriends. I came to a conclusion that ALL boys are the same. Not in every way definitely but in 1 way or another. They turn out to have some similar characteristics to one another. They try denying it. Boys, just accept it okayy. Here is the 411: Add is trying to get her boyfriend to be more boyfriend'ish and Ili is trying to take things slow in her relationship with a guy and trying to get some space for her own life from her current boyfriend. As for me, am having silly squabbles with Aizat and we get into a fight over nothing. Pathetic. Well, this is what we girls have to put up with. I am not saying that we girls are devine in every way but we sometimes need respect, appreciation and space from someone we love. Don't we girls?

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