I Like What I Wore

Pfft. Haihh. I'm still sick. Coughing and having slight headaches. Been thinking about next semester's classes. Journalism, Photography, Graphics, Public Relations. Woot, woot! I could go cuckoo this coming July. For photography class, every student is required to provide themselves with a DSLR camera. Aiyaaaa. Told Ayah about it and Ayah is excited to get me one whereas I am not. I don't like those sort of camera. It's hard to travel around with it and it's sooo heavy. To put it in 1 word, it's bulky. Yuckk. I want an underwater waterproof Olympus camera. Oh well, a girl can dream can't she? Although I'm not actually a dreamer.

What I have is lust. And right now, I am lusting for teppanyaki, expensive ice-cream and funky rings. Don't ask me why. It's just lust. Just lust. Oh yahh. For the title above, this is what I wanted to say.

1. Charles Jourdan gladiator sandals, previously owned by Mak
2. Forever21 black dress
3. FourSkin Wayfarer's
4. Topshop leather sling bag
5. A scarf I bought for RM4.50 at a bargain shop near my house
*No photos. Sorry. Camera tertinggal atas meja tadi.

Who says you need expensive things to make you happy?

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psychokiddo said...

foreve21, charles jourdan, topshop mahal pe :P