Heart That Doesn't Beat

Well at long last, I don't have anymore feelings right now. It has only been 5 days of semester break and I'm boreddddd. Haihh. I don't have any plans for May. Only June. I better go out and make dates with my girlfriends and other friends before the school break starts. Because when it does, the streets and especially the shopping malls namely KLCC and Pavillion will be swarmed with 'cool' school people who I sooo don't want to meet and see. Rimas! With DSLR's strapped around their necks, 'hipsters/scenesters', 'hott-hott' girls, RM39 Topman t-shirt wearing boys, and people whispering "Eyh, dia ni budak Myspace tuh", slurping Starbuck kids and groupies. Pffttt. Thank God I'm going back to JB this weekend. I plan on spending a week there. Away from all the puking-nauseating scene of KL. Don't deny me on this. I'm right.

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