Dreams in Dreamland

I want to do a lot of things. There are still dreams that I have yet to achieve. Too many obstacles in my way. Wish I could just leap over them like a sheep leaps over a fence. Haihh. Too bad I'm not a sheep. I have witnessed people who rised and fell just to get a glimpse of their dream. Some get it, some don't. To those who got it, tell me, is it through hardwork or just plain dumb luck? Well for me, I have never been the hardworking type. So if you expect me to achieve it through this way, I don't think I can.

So I'm just sitting here, waiting for a miracle to happen. I know it sounds stupid and cliche but I like it. Waiting for the right people to pass my way, waiting for an opportunity to open, and waiting for God to bless my prayers although I have never been the exact perfect candidate for a Muslim. I am not saying that I hate what I have right now but I'm just hoping to get a better feedback of what I want. I need the right dumb luck to catch my dream. Oh mann. I think I've used all my dumb luck on my exams. Can I borrow yours?

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