Don't Listen To Me

How can people be so stupid and idiotic without realising it? Some people are just down-right embarassing. Are we programmed to be this way or did we become this way as we go along? I just asked the million dollar question didn't I. Oh well. We just have to live with it don't we. Let me tell you what makes us so idiotic sometimes:

1. You seek for attention without realising you look foolish
2. You only say what the other person wants to hear just to get popular
3. You go to places where you don't even like just so people would notice you
4. You dress like they do just so you could fit in
5. You don't realise that people don't like you because you're being fake

Sorry for the honest brutality people.

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psychokiddo said...

I baru prasan lagu page u.. And..
Ala, i carik dis song tapi pon tak jumpeee yg tak hang! hee. =P