Scrub, scrub

Bibik malas, akulah yang buat. Takpe. It's for my own good. Amek kain lap basah, haa. Lap semua DVD, LCD screen, the whole thing lah yang ada kat area TV tuh. Untuk apa you ask? Well, I've voluntarily been sitting at home, in front of the TV, with the laptop on (but putting it aside), DVD's scattered and me owning the couch with McDonalds and junkfood. Teehee. Yes. This is the life. Keluar jalan-jalan KL? Pfft. Boringgggggggg. Ada apa KL ni. I'll only step out of the house when there's a purpose. Senang je nak cari Anbreen. Kat rumah.

Here's the latest update of what I have been doing for the past few days:

1. Feeling guilty because Mak is doing the job that she asked me to do
2. Buying boxes for Mak at Ikea
3. Had dinner with the lot at NZ (Ili, chicken wing jom)
4. Back and forth sending Aizat home
5. Tea at Aseana with Mak
6. Teman Nadira break at KLCC
7. Wishing Ara her birthday
8. Driving Zaheen to school
9. Balik JB
10. Eating my ass off

I've been doing a lot of lists now haven't I. Well, I used to write down lists in my notebooks. But now with technology, why not take advantage of it. Right?

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